From the tail of a whale.

From the tail of a whale, starts the tale of a whale.

Gentle waves

Gentle waves rolled upon the rocky shore.

Children playing

Beyond reach, children raced in ageless games of youth, laughing they spent the long days summer lent them.

Wanaya's watch

Each morning Wanaya awoke to watch his younger brother Wishy paddle away, he could not understand why his brother preferred foolish whales to time playing with him and the other children.

Why do whales love the sea?

As summer's days wore shorter, Wishy knew that winters approach meant time with the whales would end for another year. Wish wondered if he was the only one to ever wish to be a whale. His curiosity could not rest, he needed to know why whales loved the sea.

Among the whales

Far from the busy shore, in the plentiful waters of summer whales splashed, Wishy paddled among the whales with fluid motion, watching and listening he felt a part of their games.

Despite pressure to leave what most thought foolish, Wishy persisted each day with renewed hope, a hope kept constant by faith that he would learn everything he could about whales.